Alan Buck Consulting exploits the knowledge and experience I have built up over 45 years of system/software engineering, including 25 years in Quality Management and Quality Assurance roles.


My career has been spent, from the beginning, in high tech software development in Great Britain and the Netherlands and in working on Quality Management Systems, mostly in software development environments, where standards such as ISO-9001, CMMi, Agile, AQAP, MIL-STD, ESA PSS-05 are commonly used.

For more information on my career and experience please see the summary CV here or ask for a detailed CV through the Contacts page. My CV details my software development activities and Quality Management/Assurance positions in Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Do you need help in building, improving or assessing your software engineering environment or Quality System? Think of the following services:-

  • Documentation of your Quality Management System, either for your complete organisation or for a part of it, for instance Software Engineeing.
  • Implementation of your Quality Management System in a web-based, intranet environment
  • (Interim) Quality Assurance Manager for a project
  • (Interim) Quality Manager for a department or organisation
  • Independent assessment or compliance check of your Quality Management System
  • Independent assessment of project compliance with agreed standards
  • Independent Root Cause Analysis investigation of process/product non-conformance
  • Translation of an existing Quality Manual to the English language
  • Coaching/improvement of specific software engineering processes
  • Support for measurements in software engineering
  • Facilitation of project evaluation/retrospectives
  • Requirements Engineering and Management support
  • Product Qualification Support